Monday, July 04, 2005


Has economics made politicians out of us common folk?

Anne Applebaum’s search for pro-Americanism also brought her to India. The responses she got weren’t too far from the prevailing assessment amongst most. Most of us see the US greenback as the single most uncomplicated global asset, which would help us to greater prosperity. So while there may be an underlying sense amongst us, of the agitated responses that the US Government’s recent political forays have received around the world, America to us symbolizes industry, wealth and despite Mr Greenspan’s warnings, still the Land of Great Hope. It is easy to see why a majority of the surveyed Indians also thought of America as a ‘good influence’ in the world. The US has for long followed a policy made famous by the Kollywood: “Be Good to Me; I’ll be Good to you. & Vice versa”. So if Ms Applebaum did ask people in India, “Do you think America is a good influence in the world?”, I don’t think anyone would have spent much time on a bit of geopolitical analysis and strategic computation to arrive at their answer : a resounding politically-correct “Yes”.


Bart said...

Old story of Thenaliraman. Once the raja wanted to find how good his rule of kingdom is. So, he asked his regular barber during one of his shaves, "what is the opinion of people about my rule?". The barber replied, "the people are all very happy. Each person in this kingdom atleast holds a lemon-sized gold ball in his home". The king was happy hearing this and bragged about it to T.Raman. Thenali then told the king, "don't go by his words. Now, ask him the same question next time". Next time the king asks the same question and the barber replies, "People are not very safe with their belongings in your rule maharaj. There is lots of theft happening. Even the hard earned gold is stolen at each home!". The king was shocked to hear this. Thenali explained, "the barber was generalising his home situation to the kingdoms'. I've stolen the lemon-sized gold that was there at his place. I shall return to him. so, don't judge or take a call by wrong samples..."
The same applies here....

Pen said...

bart, point. but opinion is a fickle being! :) still on the whole, where would outsourcing be if not for the great outsourcer? and most of the technology dependencies, taps to capital are still rooted in the US. which count for some influence.

Ajay Shroff said...

Awesome blog. i miss chennai so much. cant wait to finish this MBA and get back. :)

Shivaji said...

Hei hei KokaMan

Thanks for dropping down by my blog.. How is life? I am now in my home country- Palo Alto :-)

Pen said...

thanx ajay. chennai is as good as ever and figures pretty big on the blogosphere too. :)

Pen said...

palo alto sounds fundu maan!

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