Sunday, May 07, 2006

Mandal Redux!

Affirmative Inaction..

Rahul G (Ji..?) says there is logic to both sides. Great! There is someone in the Grand Old party of India who isnt scared to make sense. Minister A. Singh bases his logic on the numbers thrown up by the last census that the percentage of the SCs has gone from 10% to 14%+. When the Government moves to hike reservation to match the population proportion, it advertently agrees to the failure of the State's affirmative action policy post-independence... So why play reservation politics re-run's?

The directions for the future should have come out of a debate. Not the other way around like it is playing out now.

Life in the Interregnum..

Then comes a time when you sit down and think. And then you think some more. And you decide to sit down and blog…

Back in Business..