Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Two Oh One Three

Live Better. Write More. Love All.

Saturday, February 03, 2007

Beautiful Country!

Portland is beautiful country. And 2.5 days arent enough. Hopefully, I'll get to go back to the cannon beach someday, check into the cottage in the sea facing motels, put my feet up, relish some Bourbon and not shiver!!

Friday, February 02, 2007

Happy New Year 2007 & Thanks for all the Fish!

(I know.. I know am late..)

It is my humble opinion that the more you change the more the things around you remain the same. The last time I remember clogging my blog - I was recovering from a slight hangover, Bangalore had bad roads, I was blogging from a departure lounge and was a year younger.. I did a quick check and the only thing different today is that I'm no longer younger..! So I guess the blog didnt miss much. The adjoining pic is from yours truly's new year trip to Goa. As you would have heard already from a coupla million others - Goa is all about Life on the Beach! And Ofcourse, Goan Fish Curry..

- OH

Sunday, May 07, 2006

Mandal Redux!

Affirmative Inaction..

Rahul G (Ji..?) says there is logic to both sides. Great! There is someone in the Grand Old party of India who isnt scared to make sense. Minister A. Singh bases his logic on the numbers thrown up by the last census that the percentage of the SCs has gone from 10% to 14%+. When the Government moves to hike reservation to match the population proportion, it advertently agrees to the failure of the State's affirmative action policy post-independence... So why play reservation politics re-run's?

The directions for the future should have come out of a debate. Not the other way around like it is playing out now.

Life in the Interregnum..

Then comes a time when you sit down and think. And then you think some more. And you decide to sit down and blog…

Back in Business..

Monday, September 12, 2005

Jurassic Blog?

Extinct..... Not Yet!

Coming Soon to a Desktop near You...

Monday, August 01, 2005

Sunday, July 24, 2005

A Day at the Movies

Wandered into the Film Festival happening here in Delhi. Ended up watching 2 ½ movies. Here goes..

Silent Big Man (Kikansha Sensei, Japan) by Japanese Director Hiroki Ryuichi. I found the movie a refereshing, simple story told very well. Seigo Yoshioka is a young man who goes back from Hokkaido to his mother’s birthplace to teach for the last time. His inability to speak does not deter him from imparting lessons to his wards – a small group of naughty kids from the local fisherman community. Neither does it stop him from teaching the children the little lessons about following the right path, aiming higher and the true meaning of strength. His mother’s ties with the village, the issues raised by the local fishermen’s boss and a kendo tournament make up the connects in the plot. The film has some great visuals of Hana island (where the story is based) – of the sea, beaches and in general, of life in the simple Japanese villages; good sound recording and background score. Score: 4/5

The Best Times (Ahla Al Awkat, Egypt). Directed by Hala Khalil, Best Times has at its centre, Salma, who has just lost her mother. Salma rejoins with two childhood friends, seeking to trace out an anonymous sender of mails containing a musictape first, later a horoscope and at another time a childhood photo of Salma with her friends. As the three friends zero down on one suspect after another, their search and verification effort leads to comical and at times, touching situations. The movie also involves some intertwined subplots of a wife’s attempt to balance her personal space and her husband’s expectations, a yound woman torn between pursuing her ambitions and a safer option of settling down into marriage with her partner and a stepfather’s attempt to win the affection of his step daughter. The movie was good in parts; decent entertainment value. The movie was a box-office hit in Egypt and also won Second Prize at the Rotterdam Arab Film Festival, 2004. Score: 2.5/5

Paradise Girls (Netherlands). The director Fow Pyung Hu sews together the stories of the lives of three girls. The first deals with a Japanese girl who follows her Dutch boyfriend to Holland only to realize its not to be. The second is about the tribulations of a Chinese girl in Holland. This is the precise point where your film reviewer had to leave the cinema hall and the movie half way. Promising to return with more reviews and half movies…

Blogging Hypothesis reigning true on Chutney Square

"Frequency (ßυ) at which posts are updated on the blog is inversely proportional to the distance (χ) travelled by the Blogger away from Base location"

ßυ α 1/χ

ßυ – ßlogging Frequency
χ – Displacement of ßlogger from Base Location