Thursday, June 30, 2005

Monsoon, Gone Soon?

A Pleasant Day it was. But the showers were nowhere to be seen.

Expectations from the annual purported rain-fest usually run high in our country. Though it’s the flavour of the season among most analyses we follow, the South-Westerly stubbornly refuses to call itself a season. Atleast back here in the Garden City. Given to the ways of the North, the return trek back here was looked forward to with much zest usually reserved for dandiya ras’, marriages and cricket matches. (One suspects the enthusiasm stemmed more from the prevalence of pakoras, beer and dance common to all of these landmark occasions.) So here I am half hoping for a downpour to trigger an attempt at life’s little excesses. But the clouds over Bangalore have a mind of their own. They seem to have been inspired by the celebrity pack of clouds showcased in Aamir Khan Productions’ ‘Lagaan’. So the city spent a day under an overcast sky that refused to bring the house down. And the clouds spent a day over an indifferent city that refused to play a cricket match for them. This has continued for the last eight days, I am told.

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