Friday, May 27, 2005


Lost in Transition.. (almost)
Feels good to be back in City B. The SC Bose Airport has this thing for me. Of my four visits to the Kolkata domestic terminal my record reads like - 9 hour wait for a flight, a 10 hour sleepthrough overnighter, an unsuccessful try on the IC waitlist and lastly a successful pushthrough on an IC waitlist (happened last night!). Especially daunting was the sleepthrough on a couch waiting for a Jet flight to takeoff. I could pat myself in the comforting know that my predicament was far better off than one Mr. Merhan Karimi Nasseri's. Tom Hanks' portrayal had given me good enough an idea about what a 'long' stay at a Terminal could do to you. Still the realization that I might have already lost out on a profitable book+movie+royalty deal did pinch me a bit.

Good to be Back
The air about Bangalore has this zing and energy to it. Maybe people coming back to the city after a few days out would attest to it. Or maybe people coming back and emerging out of the rarefied atmosphere of an airplane. Or People coming back after four days in muggy, summer-afflicted Kolkata would definitely do. :)

As four wise souls recently spouted
"Lose control, of body and soul.
Don't move too fast, people, just take it slow.
Don't get ahead, just jump into it."

Maybe its the pleasant sounding 28C evening air. Maybe its the smell of melted dew in the coolness of a rained out afterness. Maybe its the pollen. But the drive is back and the day at my desk was definitely enjoyable.


pk said...

you ass u started a blog and dint even tell me.

Pen said...

hehe..! am jus getting started..!